The easiest and unique way to change your home and business!

Any idea – adapted to the design

All projects start with a digital simulation! In this way you will understand much more clearly how the mural will look at the end.

High quality materials, resistant over time

The paints used are of very good quality, without deteriorating over time!

Maximum speed to satisfy you

Tthe painting time differs depending on their size and complexity, but even so, your project will be completed as well and quickly as possible!

Feedback from our clients

Feedback from our customers matters, so we’re letting you hear more directly from them!

In our projects, we have always sought to bring innovation, and the collaboration with Anda further supported this endeavor. We have already collaborated in two major projects, and we will certainly call on her and her team’s creativity in the future.



Santia Partner Construct

The space I work in has a completely different vibe now thanks to Anda’s painting. I communicated very easily, she understood exactly what I wanted and I appreciated that from the start. I will definitely call another time.


graphic designer


I didn’t think that the place atmosphere where I work now with my team could be even more harmonious with a few touches of color. I’m really excited about what Anda has achieved and I’m already thinking of other spaces that could be transformed like this. I recommend with great confidence!



Dan Bujor – Bamboo Massage

Spaces for children

Favorite characters become playmates

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, the world of cartoon characters fascinates children and helps them understand more easily this world. Help your child develop beautifully surrounded by the most loved animated characters!

Public spaces

Help your customers remember your business

We all know how important is the place design where we want to relax and socialize with our loved ones! A mural can completely change the space where your customers can come, whether it’s a restaurant, coffee shop or yoga studio, they will definitely want to come back.

Private spaces

A cozy painting in your home

“Working from home” is, more than ever, part of our lives, so let’s turn it into an unforgettable daily experience through an environment that represents us!